Using the online Opportunities Toolbox

Each opportunity appears online in alphabetical order.  Click on the name of the opportunity to access the information, or select the PDF icon for a downloadable PDF copy to print.

There is an button option to print the whole toolbox if you prefer. 

Each opportunity is classified according to the sector that funds (but does not always deliver) the service.  We have colour coded the PDFs to reflect this:

Key to icons used on the PDF

key to icons


Key to employability skills used on the PDF

Employability skills are transferable skills that employers need staff to have. They are important for all of us so that we can get, keep and progress in employment. When recruiting staff many employers consider some of these skills (like literacy, numeracy, communication and personal presentation) to be ‘deal breakers’.

We learn our employability skills through all sorts of experiences and continue to develop them throughout our lives. There are courses available in employability skills, but there is evidence that people generally learn these skills best through practical real-life experiences, vocational courses, volunteering and work. 

We have identified ten transferable employability skills. Most fit with the skills employers say they need, but we have also suggested another (resilience) that can be particularly important for promoting wellbeing and recovery from mental health difficulties.  

Each opportunity is linked to the employability skill(s) it may help to develop via a colour key.

key to skills


For more information about employability skills check out the Take Ten People wheel  http://mhfe.org.uk/content/take-ten-people-ttp-blank-employability-skills-and-discovering-potential-wheel.

Each PDF is dated at the bottom to reflect the last time it was reviewed; we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information after that date.



Using the online search function

Search by sector: Choose a sector from the drop-down box > tick all of the employability skills > click 'apply'.

Search by employability skill: Choose 'all' or a specific sector from the drop-down box > tick one or more of the employability skills > click 'apply'.

Use the reset button before you begin another search.


Create a PDF for your own toolbox

Click the 'Create a PDF' button.

Insert a title for the opportunity.

Choose the sector it belongs to from the choice in the drop down box.  This will determine the theme colour of the PDF that you produce.

Click one or more employability skills developed by this opportunity.  This will determine which employability skill code colours are ticked and visible on the PDF.

Insert text into the five prompt boxes.  Use your cursor to hover over the function buttons to find out what they do.  If you are familiar with using Word you should find them straightforward to use.  If you are pasting information from Word into the boxes use the 'paste from Word' icon in the first function box and follow on-screen prompts.  If you don't do this it can effect the layout of the final PDF.

Click 'Create PDF' button below the last text box.  This produces an online PDF.

Save the PDF as a personal file.  The PDF cannot be saved to the online toolbox or this website.