Assertive Outreach Teams
       Health and social care

Adults with serious mental health conditions whose needs other mental health services find it difficult to meet.  Many will have a forensic history and dual diagnosis.


Assertive Outreach Teams (AOTs), or assertive community treatment teams, provide intensive support in people’s homes or other community settings, at times to suit them.  Workers can be involved in direct delivery of practical support, care co-ordination and advocacy as well as more traditional therapeutic input.  The aim of the service is to maintain contact and increase engagement and compliance.


Each mental health trust will have one or more AOTs.  Find contact details via the NHS Choices website: http://www.nhs.uk (do not use the search box facility to obtain details instead select: find and choose services > mental health > enter postcode or area > access services > home support services).  Alternatively call NHS Direct for information: 0845 46 47.


  • AOTs can be a useful contact point if someone you are working with discloses a history of serious mental illness in the past, is experiencing continuing or worsening mental health problems and says that they have lost touch with, or are avoiding contact with, mental health services (as opposed to being discharged from services).  Typically loss of contact with services happens when someone becomes homeless, moves to another town or city or leaves the criminal justice system.  Re-engagement with mental health services, if required, can be an important step for some people in being able to move towards recovery and employment.


Information correct as of 01-May-2011

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