Community Mental Health Teams
       Health and social care

Adults with complex or enduring mental health conditions, who need more specialist or intensive treatment and support than GPs and primary care teams are able to offer.

Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) provide specialist treatment and support towards an individual’s recovery.  An individual receiving CMHT support will usually say they are on ‘A Care Programme Approach’ or CPA.  This means they should have a formally agreed individualised care plan, which their care co-ordinator should review with them regularly.  Its sets out treatment and personal goals (and should include employment/learning and accommodation) and describes the support they will receive.  Support can include eligibility to receive social care, access to therapeutic group work, day services and vocational services.   As well as supporting people in their recovery, all of these activities can potentially help to develop transferable employability skills.


Find contact details via the NHS Choices website: http://www.nhs.uk (do not use the search box facility, instead select: Find and choose services > mental health > enter postcode > community mental health teams).

  • CMH services vary geographically.  Teams in different areas may be quite different, depending on which services a mental health trust is commissioned to deliver and how the trust then organises its services.  Some are organised by area: others may be organised around a particular type of service, a specific mental health condition or a population group, e.g. home treatment, crisis intervention, assessment and brief treatment, continuing care and forensic teams.
  • Some teams already include vocational workers.
  • The vocational or employment services manager or team at the local mental health trust is a useful contact.

Information correct as of 01-May-2011

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