National Careers Service
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For adults (post 19 years) and young people.

Next Step currently offers learning, skills and careers advice for employed and unemployed adults.  They offer online resources including finding a course, a qualifications audit and online CV builder as well as linked information about volunteering, benefits and help for students with disabilities.  From September 2011 an all age careers service will be introduced that offers impartial careers advice based on new national quality standards.  This will include online and telephone help for adults and additional free face-to-face guidance for government-designated priority groups via private/Third Sector organisations.   This will be badged as the 'National Careers Service' from April 2012.   Young people will be able to use a similar online/telephone service but , subject to the passage of the Education Bill, from September 2012 schools will be under a legal duty to make sure their pupils have access to independent, impartial careers guidance.  They are free to make arrangements and, where appropriate, might work in partnership with external expert providers.

Next Step https://nextstep.direct.gov.uk;  0800-100 900, 8am-10pm, 7 days


  • Next Step is mentioned in No Health without Mental Health (2011) as playing a role in supporting people with mental health conditions towards learning and employment by offering a service sensitive to their needs. 
  • Government contracted providers of face-to-face support will be able to charge commercial rates for their service and so make the service available (for a fee) to organisations and individuals. 

Information correct as of 20-May-2011

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