Vocational Support Services
       Health and social care

Anyone in contact with mental health services who wants to return to, remain in or find work and/or learning and skills opportunities. 

Vocational or employment services are designed to help and support people who use secondary mental health services to access and sustain employment and learning and skills opportunities as part of their recovery. How services are organised and delivered varies in different areas, and job titles may vary between mental health trusts. Sometimes services are commissioned from third sector and private providers.


Find contact details for local mental health trusts via the NHS Choices website. Vocational services are not listed but the trust switchboard should be able to put you through to a vocational services manager. To find the trust contact details, go to: http://www.nhs.uk (do not use the search box facility to obtain details, instead select: Find and choose services > mental health > enter postcode > access services to get contact details). 


  • Vocational services often include or are described as ‘employment specialists’ or ‘vocational rehabilitation’. They include IPS and other supported employment opportunities which may not have as clear an evidence base as IPS. 

Information correct as of 01-May-2011

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